After studying and experiencing the FUE Hair Transplant surgery, I decided to use my knowledge to help others. With my 16 years of experience with men haircuts and after seeing many examples of hair transplant on my clients, some of which turned out very natural but some were not idea, I was very interested in the technique. When the time came for me to experience hair loss I decided to look into the FUE Hair Transplant Tecnique in order to understand if it was the right procedure for me. After seeking for a while and talking to many professionals in Turkey, I found the right Clinic and the best Medical Team with great experience and results. Most importantly we shared the same goal: obtaining the most natural result.

In January 2018 I flew to Turkey and got my FUE Transplant done. Seeing how the Medical Team worked and how meticulous and attentive they were made me feel like I was in the right place and I just could not wait for the result to start showing.

After only 6 months my hair started growing back bringing a very natural result. Nobody could believe I did an hair transplant.


The wonderful result of this procedure was so great for me that I decided to share my experience with my clients and to provide them with a consultancy service. Once the appointment with the Medical Team has been finalized and the trip organized, I follow them step by step during the whole procedure. According to the face shape, the hair type and desired hair style, I assist my clients through the first and most important step: designing the hair line in order to get the best natural look. 

The key of this procedure is that it doesn't leave any scar, and with a very fast healing time it delivers a great result. 

This is how it works:

FUE is a surgical hair transplant technique that removes individual hair or follicular units, “one at a time” from the posterior donor harvesting site. This tecnique of hair transplantation is a minimally invasive and it involves the use of small circular punches (about 1.0 mm) conceived to remove the individual follicular units from the donor site on the back of the scalp before reinplanting the harvested follicular units back into the scalp in the balding recipient sites.

This technique brings a successful outcomes in terms of hair density, natural-looking hairline.

If you are interested and want to know more about the FUE Hair Transplant Tecnique and how you can get it,

please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!