Papyon is a full service, boutique Hair Salon & Barber Shop located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Owners and Head Stylists Eyup Akyurt and

Sinan Akyurt, together with their team, specialize in dry cutting, short cuts, curly hair, hair painting balayage, style.



Passion and dedication to styling are a tradition in The Akyurt's family. With the support of their father and six brothers, four of whom are salon-owners and stylists, Sinan started adventuring in the business when he was a young stylist in Istanbul.


After spending several years observing and training under the older brothers, he had no doubt that he wanted to pursue styling as profession. His aspiration and dreams were too big to stop him from going international so Sinan joined his older brother to St. Maarten where he recently opened a new salon.


The four years spent in the Caribbean Island were crucial for Sinan’s professional development.

It was during that time that he started to create his personal line of hair care products. With the help of a chemist on the island and using only organic ingredients from Morocco and Italy, Sinan launched his line that includes Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, Argan Oil and Beard Oil.


Most of his clients on the island were on vacation from New York. While getting their service they were always telling him about how exciting and challenging was the hair business there and how everyone is always looking for the greatest hair stylist. This piqued Sinan’s interest.


In 2011 Sinan was ready to take another big leap and moved to New York City, with the plan to open a salon as soon as possible. In only three months he managed to build a passionate and loyal clientele that supported him until he opened his Papyon Hair Salon & Barber.